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Uncommon Knowledge

Below are a few examples of how we think differently than traditional financial planners. Consider some of these ideas. We welcome the opportunity to share more.

The LBS Experience 

Life Insurance As An Asset Class

Most people assume life insurance is only used as a protection tool. In fact, life insurance can be a powerful wealth building tool as well. Learn how life insurance can be used as an alternative to the cash and fixed income portion of your portfolio to produce powerful results in your overall plan.

Life Insurance Myths

When it comes to life insurance as part of a total financial strategy, what you don't know CAN hurt you.

The amount reflected on your statement is not all yours. A portion of your balance will go towards paying future taxes. Depending on your situation, relying solely on your 401(k) plan could put you at risk.

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What's in A Number

Deciding how much to save for a given event can feel like pulling a number out of a hat. Over time everything changes: markets ebb, costs rise, goals fluctuate. 

The Fairy Tale Called Risk/Reward

Have you been told you have to accept financial risk in order to grow your wealth? You don’t. You can get ahead without putting everything you’ve worked hard for at risk.

It's More Than You Think

How much did you pay for that new iPad? If you think you only spent $499, think again. Find out how much all those “little” purchases in your life are really costing you.

Trying To Get Ahead May Put You Behind

Many people assume that once you retire and your children have grown you can eliminate life insurance. Just the opposite is true. Life insurance can, and should, play a key role in your overall retirement planning if maximum cash flow in retirement is desired 

Debt Versus Savings, Which Comes First?

 Which came first the Chicken or the Egg? Another interesting question is...What’s more important, to pay off debts or save first?

The Real Cost of Losing Money

Most people are keenly aware of the need to save more money. You may have real concerns about enjoying retirement, helping to care for elderly parents, adjusting to the rising cost of healthcare, and many others. Therefore, you understand that losing money hurts your balance sheet and jeopardizes your financial security.