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Our Principles as a Firm

The following principles provide specific, timeless and methodical rules for how members of our firm will conduct themselves with clients:

1.  We believe our first responsibility is to protect the client from the catastrophic loss of wealth due to a lawsuit or inability to earn income for the rest of their life.  We will convey a “protection first” planning philosophy with each client.  We will always provide the client with the “right to vote” by advocating for the maximum protection possible.

2.  We will be consultative versus transactional, beginning with our relationship-oriented initial conversation with our clients.  We will not just jump to specific, tactical decisions without understanding first what strategic course our clients should pursue.

3.  We will use The Living Balance Sheet® to organize our clients’ finances.

4.  We will not flip flop through faddish financial products.  We will fully protect with definitionally strong disability, whole life and term insurance contracts for maximum protection, and we will utilize the industry's leading investment managed platforms for our clients wealth portfolios.

5.  We will teach clients to become world-class savers (at least 15% annually) and we will invest their money with cost effective, transparent investment programs that meet the highest and best use of a client’s objectives.