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Distribution Planning

"The future always calls your bluff.  If you don't take the necessary steps to create the cash flow needed for retirement, the default is devastation."  

-  Vince D'Addona 

The financial planning industry has traditionally focused only on accumulation planning creating a lack of specialty in distribution planning.  At Consolidated Planning, we have specialized in intelligent Distribution Planning for over a quarter century.  

As guaranteed pensions and employer-paid retirement plans go the way of the dinosaur, distribution planning becomes all the more critical for those wishing to get the most out of their retirement assets. Perhaps more importantly, proper planning in this phase of life is needed to ensure that our clients can live a fulfilling retirement, with no fear of ever running out of money. In this planning phase, rate of return takes a much deserved backseat to proper structure of assets and risk management when it comes to optimal distribution.  A comprehensive plan that balances guarantees, flexibility, income and legacy is paramount in creating an optimal distribution plan.